New dosing nozzle patented by Vallsgraphic


At present different types of nozzles are used with cardboard packs. However, these types of nozzles may present difficulties in opening or after closing, inhomogeneous discharge, permanent hole once opened, etc.

On the other hand, there are also plastic nozzles that are incorporated into the cardboard packaging, at the same time of packaging; However, this is an expensive solution as much in the unit price as in the corresponding investment of the package, which should be made on the packaging line. In addition, this system, in some cases, does not allow to appreciate if the case has been previously opened at the point of sale.

With the new dosing nozzle patented by Vallsgraphic, we solve the drawbacks presented by conventional nozzles. We provide a dispensing cardboard nozzle integrated into the same package, easy to open, economical, and with a safe closing.




The following are advantages of our new dispensing nozzle offers with respect toexisting solutions to date:

-Nozzle easy opening.

-Cleanly unlocked, without cardboard debris in the nozzle.

-Safe and inviolable closure before the first opening, guaranteeing its sealing.

-Opening and closing possibility on countless occasions.

-Product protection contained in the packaging once the nozzle has been opened for the first time.

-Flow regulator in the discharge with homogeneous and rationed result.

-Economical solution, as the nozzle is integrated into the same development as the cardboard packaging.


It is ideal for granulated or similar products (salt, sugar, animal food, food pasta, legumes, etc.).

We consider our new dispensing nozzle as a real innovation to be perceived in this way by the final consumer who, with no doubt, would appreciate the comfort, simplicity and safety in its use.

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