New Automatic ink dispensing equipment UV MDOSAT E21


UV Ink Mixer equipment, able to manufacture Pantone colors or any color to sample, according to customer's needs. Includes the management of UV inks manufacturing, as well as the consumption control.

As cutting-edge equipment, that will give us the highest quality, security and agility, to cover all the necessities that our clients propose to us. 

Together with the automatic dispenser of conventional inks, already existing in Grafopack since October of 2017, we are able to offer and guarantee the best service to our customers.

Acquisition of the KBA Rapida machine 145 6+2


The purchase of this new offset machine, KBA 145 6 + 2, allows us to be much more nimble, competitive and able to provide an optimal service to our customers.

With a format of 105 x 145 cm, it is one of the most up to date machines, equipped with 6 printing bodies, plus a double flexo-graphic varnish unit, as well as the most modern and advanced technology available and provided by the manufacturer.



New dosing nozzle patented by Vallsgraphic


At present different types of nozzles are used with cardboard packs.

However, these types of nozzles may present difficulties in opening or after closing, inhomogeneous discharge, permanent hole once opened, etc.

On the other hand, there are also plastic nozzles that are incorporated into the cardboard packaging, at the same time of packaging.


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